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Admin Dashboard Templates

Choose from over 1,400 admin dashboard templates. Explore items created by our global community of independent designers and developers, confident they're hand-reviewed by us.

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Do you need a dashboard that is simple to maintain and easy for everyone to understand? With HTML admin templates from ThemeForest, you can find admin templates to suit your needs. Graphs? Got them. Numbers? Yep. Axis? Check.

Looking for something your staff can review on the commute to work? If so, then our responsive HTML admin templates provide the perfect dashboard to view on a cell phone. Big fan of material design? Check out the material design dashboard templates and add some style to your data.

Not sure which dashboard template to go with? Head over to our forums and ask other users for their opinion on which template would be best for you.

All of our themes have been quality checked by Envato and many of our items come with 6 months of support after purchase, so you can browse and shop with confidence.

Just in case you are not convinced on the template you want, here a couple of links to other parts of our library for you to explore: HTML templates, landing page templates and professional website templates.

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What are admin templates and how can they help you?

Before content management systems and other application-based frameworks, we used static HTML pages to present our information. It feels like this happened ages ago, but we're talking of just a few years!

Fast-forward into the future of the web just a little bit, and we're using client-side languages such as CSS and JavaScript to help style our pages and bring them to life. Through robust design, these frameworks help us create beautiful, stand-alone templates without the need of third-party applications. Sure, using them requires some knowledge of more technical systems and elements, such as:

  • Grid systems,
  • CSS preprocessors,
  • JavaScript libraries,
  • Code organization,
  • and some more.

...But the advantages that come with learning a few new technologies without the weight of extra software can save a lot of time. (Plus, learning new skills is never a bad decision!) Thus, enter admin website templates!

First things first: what if you've never heard of them? Well, you can consider admin website templates as a combination of pages that work together to help form a cohesive administration area for your web project. Plus, each of them can be used to create a custom administration area tailored to your needs.

"So isn't this the same thing as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or other content management systems?, we hear you ask? The answer is no. These are 100% self-contained pages that work together to provide you-the end user-everything needed to make sure you are powering your website with everything necessary to bring your digital project to life.

Ok, that's settled. But what might an admin template include, really?

Sometimes, they are nothing more than a series of well-designed, basic HTML pages all of which work together to form a cohesive experience for you to administer your site. They may use some of the more advanced features of modern web browsers, or they may be more sophisticated and include reusable, stylized components.

Although they aren't necessarily as powerful as some of the platforms we mentioned above, that doesn't mean they aren't self-contained applications that include their server-side language. Perhaps it's PHP, maybe it's Python, or maybe it's Ruby: whatever language is used is secondary to the fact that they are smaller applications that don't necessarily include themes, that aren't extensible, and that don't try to solve multiple problems.

Instead, the admin templates focus on one thing and doing that one thing well. Furthermore, they look only to solve the given problem at hand and do nothing more than that. The number and the variety of solutions that these templates can solve are pretty much limited only by your imagination. But each of them typically come with much of the following:

  • Fonts,
  • A grid system to manage your layouts,
  • Styles for your buttons and form elements,
  • Charting libraries,
  • Browser tools for functionality like image cropping,
  • Responsive functionality so that it works across browsers and different devices,
  • and more.

The admin website templates from our collection are perfect to help you create a great website, whether you're a developer or not. If you're a developer, you may be able to extend an admin area you've already created and improve it by introducing functionality you wouldn't otherwise be able to achieve. On the other hand, if you aren't a developer, you don't have to worry about picking up the skill and starting from scratch. Our collection is varied and broad, so you're very likely to find something that suits your needs. Plus, keep in mind that we review each and every single template submitted by our creative authors before we make it available for you to purchase. This means that every asset has been carefully evaluated and assessed to make sure it meets specific functionality and quality standards.

Bottom line, the good news is that larger pieces of software aren't always required! Instead, you can use smaller, leaner, more focused tools like admin website templates to help you solve whatever kind of "admin-side issue you may have and make it easier for you to manage your websites. Enjoy!